Win yBoulder access!

If you enter your contact details and your share economy preferences here, you stand a chance of 0.5% of winning a free year of bouldering in your area, as soon as a MyBouldering location opens there.

For standing a chance of winning, the MyBoulderado venue must be set up within your indicated maximum distance. You do not have to be part of the group that decides to become association members to have a chance to win.

The address that you should enter is the address for which you want a MyBoulderado (e.g. at home, or at work). If you want to have one near multiple places you can also create multiple accounts.

We need to know how much distance you consider acceptable is consider having a MyBoulderado-venue near you. The larger the number, the sooner we will be able to up a venue. The smaller the number, the closer to your indicated address the MyBoulderado will be.

Please enter the amount in EUR which you are willing to pay into the non-profit association that will be constructed for one or more MyBoulerado venues. The initial amount for setting up the MyBoulderado, and the monthly amount for paying association fees and venue-rent.

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